Collinsville Merinos

Monarch family - A very dominant and historic Collinsville family primarily founded on the well known sire Monarch 23, a prolific ram noted for his safeness for wool and frame and an amazing ability to be used in all parts of Australia.

Goliath family - This branch of the Collinsville family is best known for its good wools on large frames and began with the outstanding sire 316.608 who bred very well over many years. Recently Goliath 533 has bred some very good sons that are currently in stud use.
Promoter family - This family was originated from the Coronations through exceptional sire 531. Noted for their earlier maturing frame, meaty carcases and higher density wool types. Featuring a classic Collinsville stud structure, this line is quickly becoming a very dominant family.
Coronation family - Featuring excellent skins the Coronation sheep are recognised as some of Collinsville's best wools and heaviest cutters. Coronation 109 has had a huge influence recently producing sons with bright, long stapled medium wools that have excellent crimp definition.  
Lustre family - The name tells the story for this family. The quality, well nourished and soft handling wools of the Lustre sheep still feature the expected heavy cutting ability of Collinsville.

Star Affair family - This family is of moderate frame but feature very long stapled, nourished and heavy cutting fleeces. Star Affair sheep are of a bolder type and well suited to the drier environments due to their ability to keep the dust out.
Olympic family - This family originated through leading sire Olympic 209 and more recently Olympic 22 and his sons 919 and 1121. These rams have bred large framed sheep with terrific structures and early growth.

Masterbuilt family - Another of our oldest families known for huge frames and plain bodies.

Collinsville Poll Merinos
Monarch family - Known for good framed sheep with heavy cutting nourished wools. Collinsville started this family from the legendary Monarch 23 and 215 and like its Merino counterpart has been a very dominant family.
Imperial family - Founded on the now defunct Glenroy Poll stud with Imperial 052 being one of the initial foundation sires to have a major impact. Imperial rams have great purity producing well nourished and heavy cutting elite wools. The Imperials have been polls for a very long time with current sires having an impact being 007 (sold for $20,000) and his son 783 (sold for $25,000). Another son 771 has produced some exciting sires 141 and 111 who will have progeny available soon. 
Majestic family - The Majestic family is noted for outstanding size and faultless structure combined with excellent early growth. Founded on super sire 1080 (sold for $30,000) who produced sons who have sold up to $39,000, and grandsons have been sold to $66,000. Majestic has had a major influence at Collinsville and is a very dominant family.
Emperor family - This family is noted for huge frames, plainer bodies with free growing fleeces and are proven as an excellent cross over thicker type breeding ewes in most woolgrowing areas of Australia.

Apollo family - A very dominant poll family. Consistently producing very nourished and heavy cutting fleeces on early maturing frames. An influential sire is Apollo 22 who is consistently producing sheep suited to our pastoral country.

Regal family - This family was started recently by crossing two of our very successfull families, Majestic and Imperials. This produced Regal 9 (sold to Westray for $23,000), an outstanding wool sheep with great balance. He then sired three outstanding rams in his first drop. 135109 was retained at Collinsville, whilst 271 was sold to East Bungaree for $20,000 and 242 who was purchased by Kolindale Stud at the 2014 Adelaide Ram Sale for a sale topping $66,000 (the highest price for nearly 20 years). Proving to be a very good wool family.

Premier family - A new family commencing with a son of GP004, Collinsville Premier 102 who was purchased by White River for sale topping $34,000 at 2013 Adelaide Ram Sale. This family has captured a rare combination in polls of large Collinsville frames producing very elite wools. Premier 102 sons look very promising and should feature heavily in the 2015 sales.


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