Regal 130242Description 


He is an impressive son of 'Regal 9' who was purchased by Westray Poll Stud. This ram is extremely well balanced. He has an excellent combination of superb quality medium wool, terrific staple length, fantastic structure and athleticism with a soft clean poll, all of this and he is a twin.

Semen available $40 + gst per dose.

Sire: Regal 110009
Dam: Emperor 090111
DOB: May 2013
FD: 19.4
SD: 3.1
CV: 16
CF: 99.7
Regal 130271Description 


Another son of Regal 9 with an outstanding powerful SIRES head with a good poll. His muzzle is huge with great purity and softness and he has an excellent chest. Regal 271 is an absolute meat machine with awesome constitution whilst producing a gutsy wool.

Semen available $40 + gst per dose.

Sire: Regal 110009
Dam: Apollo 100059
DOB: May 2013
FD: 19.6
SD: 3.2
CV: 16.3
CF: 99.4
Premier 120102Description 

A ram with excellent early growth and structural correctness, with a soft clean poll. His medium wool is long stapled, well defined, nourished and super soft with magnificent figures. His first progeny are very good and will feature heavily in our 2015 sales.

Semen available $40 + gst per dose.

Sire: GP 004
Dam: CV Special
DOB: May 2012
FD: 20
SD: 2.6
CV: 13
CF: 99.7
Regal 110009Description 


A touch of class with a sirey muzzle, good poll and very meaty back end. This ram has a magnificent pedigree combining the best of size, structure and brilliant wool quality. His dam is an embryo sister to Imperial 783 sold to Argentina for $25,000 in 2010.

Sire of 120242 sold for $66,000 to Kolindale, and 120271 sold to East Bungaree and 135109 retained by Collinsville.

Semen available $50 + gst per dose.

Sire: Majestic 071080
Dam: Imperial 090769
DOB: May 2011
FD: 20.7
SD: 3.4
CV: 16.4
CF: 99.2
Apollo 111122Description 

Tall, long and structurally correct with a spirit level top line. Carrying soft, crimpy, long stapled and heavy cutting sirey wool with plenty of nourishment. Apollo 22 is breeding very predictably, big structurally correct sheep with nourishment.

Semen available $50 + gst per dose.

Sire: Apollo 16
Dam: Emperor 090125
DOB: June 2011
FD: 21.9
SD: 3.3
CV: 15.1
CF: 99.4
Emperor 100532Description 

Emperor 32 is a large framed and plain bodied poll sire with a long, strong silky muzzle. He is a tall and stands proud. With a clean poll he is a free moving ram that carries soft handling free growing white wool.

Semen available $40 + gst per dose.

Sire: Monarch 082778
Dam: Apollo 050655
DOB: June 2010
FD: 20.6
SD: 2.7
CV: 13.1
CF: 99.6
Majestic 071080Description 


A big, plain bodied, early maturing ram with fantastic presence and very correct on his feet. With a soft muzzle and an even fleece covering of lustrous, deeply crimped sirey medium wool.

A poll merino with true dual purpose characteristics, ideally suited to a wide range of environments. At 2 year old his body weight was 153kgs.

A proven Sire.

Semen available $40 + gst per dose.

Sire: Mon 074
Dam: 050006
DOB: May 2007
FD: 19.8
SD: 2.9
CV: 14.7
CF: 99.3


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