Promoter 181Description 

Promoter 181 has exceptional length of body and the bone in his legs resembles a bull calf. At 14 months old he was 130 kgs. He carries a gutsy strong wool which is of excellent quality for a ram of this scale.

Semen available $40 + gst per dose

Sire: Promoter 100531
Dam: 090735
DOB: May 2012
FD: 20.4
SD: 3.0
CV: 14.7
CF: 99.1
Olympic 111121Description 

Placid nature with terrific 'look at me' presence, standing up very tall and very good depth of body. His quality wool is gutsy with brilliant softness and whiteness.

Semen available $40 + gst per dose.

Sire: Olympic 090919
Dam: Reg 070027
DOB: June 2011
FD: 20.2
SD: 2.9
CV: 14.4
CF: 99.4
Promoter 100531Description 

Promoter 31 is a massive merino ram with strong open head and horn setting. He has great doing ability with tremendous width across the back and powerful muzzle. He carries excellent-testing clearly-stamped bright medium wool. He stands tall with noticeable neck extension and meaty hindquarters.

A proven Sire.

Semen available $50 + gst per dose.

Sire: Coronation 080109
Dam: 050909
DOB: June 2010
FD: 21.1
SD: 2.8
CV: 13.3
CF: 99.5
Goliath 090533Description 

This special stud sire is an excellent example of constitution. He has a huge barrel, terrific bone and extreme length of body. ‘Goliath’ carries a very nourished, heavy cutting bright white medium wool with good figures. At 14 months old he was weighing 116kgs with lambs teeth, Goliath has the combination of early maturity, wool cut and wool quality which makes him a very valuable sire.

Semen available $40 + gst per dose.

Sire: 071080
Dam: Goliath 060162
DOB: May 2009
FD: 20.6
SD: 3.2
CV: 15.5
CF: 99.8
Coronation 080109Description 

One of the most complete rams bred at Collinsville. With a sirey head, a very wide and deep body and deep square hindquarter. Weighing 120kg @ 14 months and 155kg at 24 months. Producing a superb fleece of pearly white, very long stapled, deeply crimped, well aligned super soft medium wool.

A proven Sire.

Semen available $50 + gst per dose


Coronation 033109

Dam: 031677
DOB: May 2008
FD: 20.9
SD: 3.0
CV: 14.4
CF: 99.2
Olympic 070022Description 

With a tremendous sirey outlook, on a massive frame, a predictable pedigree and outstanding medium wool for his type. This ram is virtually fault free. His progeny at Collinsville are showing exceptional size and structure.

A proven Sire.

Semen available $50 + gst per dose.

Sire: Oly 86
Dam: Reg 030205
DOB: Sept 2007
FD: 20.5
SD: 3.4
CV: 16.6
CF: 99.8


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