Collinsville 2020 On Property Sale Report
  • Post published:9 October 2020

2020 on property sale report

We are incredibly pleased with the results from our On Property ram sale held on Monday 21 September. 

A full clearance of 220 impressive Merino and Poll Merino rams with an overall average of $2,460 ($412 up on last year) to a top of $23,000.

The 25 Merino Rams offered averaged $2,196 to a top of $7,500 at Lot 5, via Elders, Hay, NSW. 195 Poll Merino rams sold to a top of $23,000 averaging $2,492.05.

The top-priced ram, sired by Imperial 521 out of Apollo 545 – 160922, attracted strong bidding competition eventually knocking down to Ward Partnership, Ungarie NSW by Collinsville Stud Consultant, Michael Elmes.

Weighing in at 134kgs, the May 2019-drop Merino carried a 22.6 micron fleece, with a 3.2 standard definition, 14.2 coefficient of variation and 98.6 per cent comfort factor, and had an eye muscle depth of 40.2 millimetres and 6.1 CFat.

Michael Elmes, Collinsville’s Stud Consultant, said the buyer requires rich, nourished wools, typical of Collinsville’s breeding, necessary to keep the Ungarie, NSW red dust out of fleeces.

“Lot 4 was always a standout, even as a lamb, with his excellent structure, size and well-nourished wools. We knew he would impress in this year’s sale,” commented Michael.

The Ward’s are regular Collinsville buyers purchasing last year’s top priced Poll Merino ram for $21,000 to breed their own rams for their commercial ewe and lamb enterprise.

New buyers Andrew Bos, Pine Camp Station, Wentworth, NSW purchased lots 1 and 2, for $8,000 and $9,000.

Lot 6, a 136kg PH ram sired by Imperial 521 out of Masterbuilt – 170044, was knocked down to Coldstream Farms, Merriden, WA for $15,000. Coldstream Farms also secured lots 8 and 10, both sired by Price 608 out of EM 22 – 170359, for $9,000 and $7,500 respectively.

Paul Cousins, Cousins Merino Services won the $9,000 bid at Lot 7 for Leovale Stud, Lake Grace, WA.

James Vandeleur, Rices Creek Poll Merinos, Saddleworth, SA purchased lot 9, a double poll, May 2019 drop ram for $15,000, adding the big framed Masterbuilt 53 sired ram to their stud sire team.

Regular buyers, Caroline and Grant Johnson, from Carcuma North Poll Merino Stud, Peake, SA took home a 20.5 micron, 135kg, Masterbuilt 316 sired Poll Merino ram for $7,500.

After receiving 20ml of rain in the days leading up to Collinsville’s 2020 On Property Ram Sale, bidding confidence was high with several repeat volume buyers securing Collinsville genetics.

Notable volume buyers were Hay Plains Livestock, NSW were actively bidding on AuctionsPlus securing 34 rams averaging $1,450.

Collinsville’s 2020 on property sale was described as “a terrific result” by Tony Wetherall, Elders Stud Stock.

“The genetics and offering of Collinsville’s stud and commercial rams are well sought after with strong competition from start to finish. The depth of quality of the rams was exceptional, with the spread of buyers around Australia being a testament to Collinsville’s long thriving genetics,” said Tony.

Tim Dalla, General Manager, Collinsville said the team are very pleased with the sale result this year.

Overall there were 195 registered bidders with 68% tuning in from AuctionsPlus. Collinsville thanks all who supported their 2020 sales and wish buyers the best with their purchases.

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