Complete Clearance at Elders SA Stud Merino Ram Auction – 17 March 2020
  • Post published:18 July 2020

Complete Clearance at Elders SA Stud Merino Ram Auction – 17 March 2020

We offered nine rams in the auction at the Elders SA Stud Merino Expo on the 17th of March 2020 with all selling to new and repeat clients averaging $3283.

Top ram for the sale, September 2018-drop, son of Collinsville Masterbuilt, (140kg, 20.7 micron, SD 3.5 & CF 99.1%) sold to a loyal client, AG&GM Carmody, Mittakeri Stud, Kulin, WA for $10,500.

“It was good to sell all of the spring-drop rams offered in such a challenging year.

The top price ram, 18-month-old Collinsville Masterbuilt son, was just cutting its two teeth and weighed 140 kilograms. 

It was embryo-bred from one of our top ewes, and was structurally correct with nourished elite wool on it. 

Mittakeri Stud will use it to produce large-framed replacement rams for their own use and ram sale,” said Tim Dalla, Collinsville General Manager.

We thank all buyers and underbidders.

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