DNA Testing Rams
  • Post published:18 July 2020

DNA Testing Rams

DNA technologies have been a game changer for the livestock industry when it comes to assisting producers in identifying their higher performing animals earlier to optimise mating selection for more productive and profitable stock.

Further benefits of DNA testing technology include:

  • Predicting breeding values for productive traits, to fleece weight, through to worm egg count, fat cover and weaning weight.
  • Takes the guesswork out of parentage assignment from multi-sire matings and increases the accuracy of performance recording.

Here at Collinsville, we have been DNA testing for 3 years to assist us in tracking genetic progress of our sheep for better accuracy in our selection and buying decisions. Testing estimates the average genetic merit of our drop which can be compared with the Sheep Genetics database. We can look at genomic breeding values for our key production traits scaled to ASBV level.

Collinsville team members Luke Sandland and Travid Tremellen are pictured taking samples.