Ewe nutritional requirements during Autumn
  • Post published:25 May 2018

Most of our southern producers would have mated, scanned and be preparing for or on the point of lambing in a very dry season.

As we know, management of ewe nutrition during pregnancy impacts lamb birth weight and survivability. It’s even more critical in dry times to ensure a planned approach to sustaining ewe nutrition – and this may involve supplementary feeding. Aim for a condition score of 3, keeping in mind that twin or multiple bearing ewes have nearly double the nutritional requirements of a single bearing ewe.

We want our customers to get the most out of our sheep and genetics. Please call Tim, George or Michael if you would like any advice on how to best supplement your ewes to ensure optimal lambing and survivability in these dry times.

– George Millington, Principal, Collinsville Stud Merinos