• Post published:7 February 2019

Collinsville sold tag 160201 Ram to Muller Station in our 2017 On-Property Ram Sale for $18,500.Michael Elmes, Collinsville Stud Consultant, recently visited Muller Station while classing in New Zealand and snapped these photos of one happy ram and happy Collinsville customer.

Steve Satterthwaite, Muller Station Owner, said that the ram was shorn in October 2018 and the area has since received over 500 mm of rain. The ram of course lives out in the paddock so they are impressed with how well the wool condition is.

“His fleece is still bright and white showing no effects of water. A testament to Collinsville’s wools and the excellent amount of condition they carry,” Steve commented. We’re proud that our stock carry strong genetics to perform and maintain condition in both drought conditions and in the wet regions like New Zealand.

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Muller Station Ram