It has been a challenging late Autumn and Winter to say the least!
  • Post published:20 August 2018


It has been a challenging late Autumn and Winter to say the least!

Collinsville received limited rain on our Hallett country and virtually none at the station East of Burra. We have had a germination of crops at Hallett which has enabled us to scrape through a very challenging season to this point. Many experienced farmers in the area are telling me this is the driest and barest the country has looked at this time of the year since the 1982 drought.

We have just completed lamb marking at Hallett achieving over 100% lamb marking in our Stud Ewes. This result is very pleasing given we’ve received less than 100mm of rain for the year. However it also comes at no surprise. We have continued to receive feedback over the years from producers in marginal country for how the Collinsville genetics outperform other working stock.

We will commence lamb marking at the station this week and are eagerly awaiting a soaking rain to run some water into our dams.

Given all of the above we are especially proud of our sale rams for this year. They are looking excellent and we believe this is the highest quality consistent line up we have ever produced. Our catalogue will be out soon and will be available at our new website (

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