Collinsville is a name synonymous with the Australian wool industry for the last 125 years, from its base in the wool-rich Mid North of South Australia, it has dominated wool production throughout the country.This historic and famous stud influences about 30 pc of the national clip with wools coming from all major producing regions in the country.

Collinsville stud merinos currently aim to produce industry leading stud sires as well as commercial flock rams available to Sheep and wool producers all over Asutralia. The stud has a long history of breeding Large framed heavy cutting merinos that are hardy and thrive in the outside pastoral country as well as the inside cropping country.

Collinsville is based at the Cappeedee property Hallett, some 184 kms north of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. This is where the annual on property sale takes place as well as Artificial iinsemination programs and embryo transfer programs . This property is run in conjunction with Collinsville station east of Hallett as well as Callawonga Hill some 100 km south of Adelaide.

Collinsville's clients stretch from the tropics of Queensland to the lush paddocks north of Hobart in Tasmania and represent the single, largest volume genetic wool type in the world.

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