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Wool Imports News

WOOL IMPORTS Did you catch the latest news on wool imports? China increased its quota for imports on Aussie wool for 2021 from 36,465 clean tonnes

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Harvest 2020

Cereal and legume growers across Australia are well into harvest!Our Samira Faba Beans are yielding 3.8 ton to the hectare at our high rainfall zone

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Collinsville 2020 On Property Sale Report

We are incredibly pleased with the results from our on property ram sale held on Monday.
A full clearance of 220 impressive Merino and Poll Merino rams with an overall average of $2,460 ($412 up on last year) to a top of $23,000.
The 25 Merino Rams offered averaged $2,196 to a top of $7,500 at Lot 5, via Elders, Hay, NSW. 195 Poll Merino rams sold to a top of $23,000 averaging $2,492.05.

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Scanning AI ewes

Scanning AI ewes – February 2020 Collinsville scanned AI ewes in February at the Kurcolo yards. We identify single and multiple pregnancies in order to

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Seasonal Update

The Collinsville Stud Merino Seasonal Update keeps you in the loop on Collinsville news, events and results. 

2019 - end of year wrap up

2019 has again been a challenging season with extremely dry conditions through autumn, winter and spring. We have now witnessed all our properties receive approximately half their annual rainfall two years in a row.

It was however fantastic to see that during these conditions we were still able to supply our old and new customers with quality progeny and this is reflected in our sales results. 

What’s Been Happening at Collinsville:

  • Kadlunga purchase
  • Took home 9 ribbons at the Hay Sheep Show
  • Cleared all our 5 rams at the Adelaide Merino Ram Sale with our top ram sold for $72,500
  • Cleared all 252 rams at our On Property Ram Sale with a top price of $31,000 and average of $2,048. 
  • Upcoming Events in 2020

2019 - autumn Update

The start to 2019 was particularly challenging at Collinsville. We have recorded 22mls of rain for the first four months of the year, following a very dry end to 2018. While this made running a self-replacing merino operation difficult, we were still able to take some positives since our last update.

What’s Been Happening at Collinsville:

  • Containment yards
  • Collinsville genes travel to New Zealand and Argentina.
  • Shearing 2018 drop lambs
  • Collinsville team member Christiaan Cunningham marries beautiful bride Brittany at the Collinsville property
  • New Collinsville team member: Luke Sandland
  • What our Customers are saying
  • Upcoming Sales