If there’s one name that encompasses South Australia’s proud heritage of breeding outstanding Australian Merinos, it’s Collinsville.

The Collinsville bloodline can be traced from a hardy foundation flock in 1889, to the unmatched animal we see today: Poll Merinos and Merinos boasting a large frame, high fertility, and a high yielding quality fleece of heavy cutting 20.5 micron wool.

Our business has evolved alongside our sheep. What was once a traditional stud is now a thriving and innovative enterprise. Our collective properties have grown in scale from 50,000 acres to a combined 157,000 across 3 properties spanning 3 different rainfall zones — allowing for a diverse pool of sheep and, therefore, the capacity to offer specialised solutions to both pastoral and mixed producers.


At Collinsville we use both objective scientific measurement and visual selection to class and define our flock. All sheep within the stud receive an electronic ear tag at marking, enabling us to accurately measure growth rates, fleece weight and wool quality over a sheep’s lifetime. From this, we select progeny that have outstanding early growth coupled with heavy cutting and excellent quality fleeces.


We don’t just sell to customers— we do business with them.

At Collinsville, this means embarking on a long-term and sincere partnership with those serious about making more from sheep. When you deal with Collinsville you get world class sheep that work to put more in your pocket—but you also get access to our expert team.

Our secret has been in combining superior genetics with a breeding environment mirroring our rams’ natural working environment.


We know every farmer and property is different. Chat to our leading stud manager about which animal will most improve your flock.


Once you’ve made an informed decision to purchase sheep (whether it’s one animal or several hundred), we’ll discuss delivery options to get them to you. Collinsville works with a specialised freight company to deliver sheep safely and in a cost-effective manner.


We’re invested in your long-term success. This means we’ll follow up each sale with you to ensure our sheep are performing as promised. As Merino enthusiasts, we’ll also provide you with advice and information to help you make the most from your investment.


Collinsville News

Collinsville 2020 on property ram sale

We were incredibly pleased with the results from our on property ram sale held on Monday 21 September 2020.

A full clearance of 220 impressive Merino and Poll Merino rams with an overall average of $2,460 ($412 up on last year) to a top of $23,000. The 25 Merino Rams offered averaged $2,196 to a top of $7,500 at Lot 5, via Elders, Hay, NSW. 195 Poll Merino rams sold to a top of $23,000 averaging $2,492.05.