An Update From Collinsville (Winter 2020)
  • Post published:18 July 2020

An Update From Collinsville 

The Autumn break at Collinsville has been promising for 2 out of the 3 properties. We have had solid opening rains at both Cappeedee (Hallett) and Kadlunga (Mintaro). Although Collinsville Station (Mt Bryan East) received good rains in February/March 2020, due to the country coming off two of the worst rainfall years in history, a lot more is still required to maximise productivity.

Our ewes scanned well across all 3 properties, with lambing nearly completed at Cappeedee, just started at Kadlunga and about to start at The Station. It’s great to see lambs on green grass again.

We look forward to hopefully having good winter and spring rainfall, so we can try and capitalise on the excellent sheep prices. It has been heartening to see during these uncertain times that the demand and price for red meat has stayed extremely strong. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the wool market. We do believe, however, that the qualities of wool, being a sustainable, renewal, environmentally friendly fibre, will see it flourish post COVID19.

– George Millington, Principal, Collinsville Stud Merinos